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The D.O. prides itself on its independence. We don't take any money from Syracuse University, and that's by choice.

We're committed to remaining a free news resource for central New York. We also firmly believe our young journalists should be paid for their work. And we're proud to be the only student-run news outlet in Syracuse that pays its staff.

You can help us continue to do so. Every dollar donated this December will go directly toward funding staff salaries in 2022.

It's our goal to be more representative of our community, and that starts with paying students.

Working at The D.O. is an experience all students should have access to, not just those who can afford to volunteer their time. By paying students, we can lead the way toward a more equitable and inclusive industry. Students who are fairly compensated will have the time and freedom to produce more impactful work.

By donating today, you'll help to ensure a brighter future in journalism, and a brighter future for the best student-run news organization in the country.

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Emily Steinberger, editor-in-chief 2021-22
Mira Berenbaum, fundraising coordinator 2021-22

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